Review Retromobile 2016

After a year of absence, KW Autos returned to Paris for 2016 and brought an interesting mixture of highly collectible historic and racing cars.

The oldest of the displayed cars was the SWB California Spyder with covered headlights and beautiful original condition. The first owner of the car was a Swiss hobby racer who frequently and successfully used the 1961 Spyder for hill climb events in Switzerland. Originally being painted dark red, the color was changed to silver-gray metallic in the 90s. However, the body remains undamaged and unrestored. Also, the interior still holds 90% of its original leather and components, which can be clearly seen by looking at the beautiful patina.

Since Max started his historic racing career in an Alfa Giulia Sprint GTA some 15 years ago, it was a real pleasure to have one the best examples on our stand this year. The Autodelta works car has ultra rare aluminum floors, which only the earliest cars had for extra lightness. The GTA has a very fine Palmares winning a lot of international races, which is documented in a huge collection of historic files and photographs. Although the GTA has driven races for more than five seasons, the car never has experienced any severe accidents and therefore has a very original body, which is almost impossible to find on other cars with similar racing history.

Another highly collectible car we brought to Paris this year is the Maserati Barchetta. Purposely built for the „Grantrofeo Monomarca Barchetta Maserati“ the gentlemen drivers car can still today hold up with the quickest sports cars. With more than 300 hp and about 900 kg, it has a better power-to-weight ration than a modern 911 Turbo. The car is beautifully built around an aluminum monocoque with aluminum, GFK/CFK sandwich body panels but has a modern engine and suspension technology, which is easily serviced. Since only 17 cars were built at the beginning of the 90s, the display on our stand was a very rare occasion to take a look at the details of this ultra light sports car.

The other sports prototype we brought is even more unique. The car had never been shown to the public after its last race at Le Mans in 2000. The BMW V12 LM is the only existing 1998 BMW sports prototype still in its original state. The sister car was heavily modified after its career at „La Sarthe”. The car has the same 6-liter V12 engine as the famous McLaren F1. The BMW V12 LM started out as a works car in 1998 but was used by a privateer team at the 24h of Le Mans in the following two years. In 1999 the car became 5th, which at the same time meant most successful non-works car.

Most modern vehicle at our stand was the Renault R25 F1 car. The chassis was used as a test car throughout the 2005 season when Fernando Alonso became World Champion in the same car for the first time after Michael Schumacher’s dominant Ferrari era. The car is the last of the „real“ Formula 1 cars since it has a screaming 3 liter V10 engine producing way beyond 900 hp at 19.250 rpm. Usually impossible to purchase similar cars, the owner has been very lucky to not only have acquired the car on our stand but also the Australian Grand Prix winner of the same type.

Retromobile 2016 has again proofed to be the most important fair for historic and racing cars in Europe. It has been a real pleasure for us to have been surrounded by a great gathering of high-quality cars – especially quite a few in stunning unrestored condition. Additionally, the historic car world has been able to witness the auction of one of the most beautiful and most important Ferrari works racing cars of the 1950s. We are already looking forward to coming back with some exciting cars in 2017.


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