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Fine Classic and Racing Cars since 1978


KW Autos

Fine Classic and Racing Cars since 1978


KW Autos

Fine Classic and Racing Cars since 1978

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Classic Cars are our common passion and we would like you to be able to enjoy every moment of it.

The Classic Car market differs a lot from others in many aspects. It has been a wise investment to buy a classic car in the last few decades and owning, rallying or racing one has become fashionable. And a few people might be tempted to get into the market for these reasons alone. We do think that the reason for buying a classic car should be more than this. We do have the chance to obtain a part of history and take care of it for the following generation. The opportunity to drive or race a car in which people like Stirling Moss, Juan-Manuel Fangio, John Surtees and many have written history in, is beyond all description. Allowing us to own and experience a car like this is one of the many reasons for our passion.

The Classic Car business is very personal and as we deal with individual people, we do want to understand your needs and wishes in order to provide the best service possible. Most of our clients have been with us for a long period of time and we do like to establish longterm relationships.

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These are the areas where we can add value and help in your decision making:

Market Analysis

We do have an insight view on all the things happening and can help you to decide wether to buy, sell or hold.

Selling & Auctioning

Selling Private or to consign your car to an auction. We have worked on both sides and know all the pros and cons.

Repairs & Restauration

What happens when you have got a mechanical problem with your car? Our experience includes having worked for one of the most renown car restorers. We can help to find the best solution for your needs and supervise all works as we know how long it should take, how much it should cost and how well the works have been performed.


Moving your car across the ocean should not cause you worries. Over the past 35 years we have shipped hundreds of cars and are happy to help safely bringing your car wherever you would like, without having to worry.


Originality and history are the key factors in valuing a car. We have a great archive and work closely together with the factories in order to verify these aspects.


Our fees are very transparent and we only take a fee from the client who instructs us. This is one of the many reasons why we have been in this business for so long.


Our private collection involves some of the most desirable classic cars and we have owned many more. So we can tell you first hand what it is like living with this particular classic car, driving it through the country side or winning a race in Monza with it.


Racing is our passion and we have raced many different cars and have been more successful than any other dealer. We know which car is eligible for which event or racing series and what it takes to get an invitation to some of the most prestigious events as well as helping you to get comfortable in your car.